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Firenze Pictures offers more than just your typical Video Production services. We offer Cinematic High Definition Video Production with an emphasis on Storytelling and Effective Communication. This means that rather than walking around with a handycam, a trained Cinematographer will use specialized camera and soft lighting equipment, as well as customized Cinematic Motion Rigging for pristine movement and superb Picture Quality in your project! Our High Quality Wireless Audio and Deluxe HD Editing Suite enable all steps of the process to be completed in-house, consolidating workflow and reducing turnaround times. We can also help you initiate and maintain Google and YouTube Campaigns, taking your finished video straight to your audience: down the street, or around the world.

The Different us with another Production Service, we help you to find a solution for every kind of budget within rushing deadline in every aspect.

One of the major keys to success in every film project is determining the best possible that we can create while staying within your budget. We’ll meet to discuss your project goals, hopes, and desires. In addition, you’ll stay in the loop every step of the way–from pre-production until done, When we put our heads together, you’ll discover you concept can achieve something greater than the original concept.

We provide flexible photographic services of uncompromised quality. If you need a reliable partner in organising your ambitious photoshoot, we are ready to help you at any stage of your production, no matter whether you are preparing interior or exterior photo shoots. We offer initial planning and budgeting as well. We can shoot inside a lightbox, using models and mannequins for every product category.

Unlike many production companies, our facilities and experience span both live action film-making and CGI/stop frame animation. With multiple experienced in commercials and films covering animation and live action, our primary focus is the production of commercials and feature films, we also have an ongoing passion for producing development projects for television and cinema.


Our Process

  1. Discussion

    Briefing - Target consumers

  2. Pitching

    Quotation - Team Selection

  3. Creative Idea Development

    Creative Brainstroming

  4. Production

    PPM - Production - Post Production

  5. Deliver

    Digital Processing - Release Material

FP Squad

Kartika Ayu
Indonesia, Jakarta
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Having extensive knowledge in servicing product and client, specializing in handling diverse clients for more than 15 years, knowledge about agency needs is she expertise.
Open Vagancy
Freelance Marketing
Looking for people that can dedicated with full commitment with his/her work.
Open Vagancy
Looking for people that can dedicated with full commitment with his/her work.
Open Vagancy
Production Assistant
Looking for people that can dedicated with full commitment with his/her work.

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